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Thought Id make a new thread.

Off the top of my head, Better Call Saul, The Americans, Flash, Arrow, Shield, Community  and Archer.
Also started S3 of House of Cards

My fav thing atm is Better Call Saul and The Americans by a long shot. Looking forward to watching Bloodlines from Netflix too

Empire is really the only show I watch on a regular basis and since the season finale aired last week, I haven't really been watching anything lately. :[ Need to find a new series to binge watch though. :hmm:

Seen you post plenty about it on FB. Is it really that good?

Wasn't really on tv but I watched the new season of Trailer Park Boys. was pretty good.

I've been watching Better Call Saul, and re-watching all of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The drunkard in me loves this fucking show. Besides that, nothing current. Waiting on Game of Thrones.


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