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This thread is for the smaller gaming news that comes out that isn't really worth its own thread.

So most recently......MAFIA 3 Announced!!!!!!!!! Reveal in August!!!

Great idea, Mad!

Dragon Quest XI has been announced for PS4/3DS/NX.

Two different games based on the same story similar to Ni no Kuni.
Both games slated for 2016 release to coincide with series 30th anniversary.
The two games will still have the same core staff working on them.
Is being made for the PS4 and 3DS (probably New3DS)
PS4 version is developed with the assistance of Orca.
PS4 version runs on UE4
PS4 version is open(-ish?) world. Similar to DQVIII
3DS version is developed with the assistance of Toy Logic.
3DS Version presents a classic 2D Sprite style on the bottom screen.
3DS version will have 2D sprite battles + random battles when playing with the D-Pad and 3D battles when playing with the circle-pad.

With Disgaea 5, Persona 5 and DQXI, the JRPG is definitely back :D Keeeeenn

I'm most excited about FFXV, Persona 5 and (obviously) FFVII Remake B)

Concept art of the cancelled Jak 4:


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