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Now that the real game of the year has been released, wanted to hear your thoughts.


Still GoW  :kiss:

Will get Smash at Christmas ;)

For the moment:
1. God of War
2. Spyro The Dragon: Reignited Trilogy
3. SoulCalibur VI

I've yet to start Dragon Quest XI though, which will probably feature somewhere on that list.

RDR2 is my GOTY :yes:

Personally I've thought the God of War series was overrated, I enjoyed the sense of scale from the graphics, but I felt the combat was weak compared with other 3rd person action games I enjoyed. I've seen people praise the new combat of the new game, but again the style doesn't seem like the combocentric style I like. I'll see what I think in the future.

(By the way reflecting on last year, because I'm playing through Super Mario Odyssey now. I don't think I could consider SMO a contender against BotW. SMO makes me smile at times, it is innovative in the Cappy mechanics, but it doesn't feel ground-breaking. And similarly, the gameplay while refined still runs into the same issues that 3D platformers do, in terms of camera angles and difficulty knowing where you're going to land. BotW still stands as my 2017 GotY.)


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