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Game Battle V22: Developer Edition II

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Time for another developer battle.

Enter your favourite video game developer (studio).

Squaresoft won the last one and is excluded.

V1 - FPS Edition: Goldeneye 007 (Aaron)
V2 - Future Edition: Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy XIII (Mad/BBlade)
V3 - RTS Edition: Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Linkzero)
V4 - Developer Edition: Squaresoft (Reivax)
V5 - Racing Edition: Super Mario Kart (Reivax)
V6 - Flop Edition: Daikatana (Reivax)
V7 - Platformer Edition: Super Mario World (Liquid)
V8 - Soundtrack Edition: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (ShadowMar10)
V9 - jRPG Edition: Final Fantasy VII (Scrib)
V10 - Arcade Edition: Ikaruga (Default)
V11 - wRPG Edition: Diablo 2 (Reivax)
V12 - Gamecube Edition: Metroid Prime (Linkzero)
V13 - Fighting Edition: Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting (Linkzero)
V14 - Playstation Edition: Metal Gear Solid (Liquid)
V15 - Sports Edition: Punch-Out!! (Oberon)
V16 - Puzzle Edition: Portal (Oberon)
V17 - Nintendo 64 Edition: Super Mario 64 (Sky)
V18 - Playstation 2 Edition: Shadow of the Colossus (Sky)
V19 - Xbox 360 Edition: Red Dead Redemption (Linkzero)
V20 - SNES Edition: Super Mario World (BigD)
V21 - Sega Genesis Edition: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Reivax)
V22 - Developer Edition II: ?

Video Game Music Battle :
V1  - Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden Galaxy (Magewout)

One or two entries per person?

If one I'm entering Nintendo, if 2 I'm entering Nintendo and Rare

I enter Rockstar Games and Dontnod Entertainment. If I can only enter 1 then just Rockstar :yes:

I enter Insomniac Games and Platinum Games.

1. Nintendo EAD (Mage)
2. Rare (Mage)
3. Rockstar Games (BigD)
4. Dontnod Entertainment (BigD)
5. Insomniac Games (Reivax)
6. PlatinumGames (Reivax)




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