Author Topic: What is the main part in making Elsword?  (Read 291 times)


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What is the main part in making Elsword?
« on: January 16, 2019, 01:49:37 am »
What motivated Elsword's art style? How was the design set? The overall design and aesthetic of Elsword was initially inspired by Japanese cartoon. However, past the genre or medium, that Cheap Elsword ED is where the similarities stop. As you may have noticed, Elsword has a very characteristic art fashion. Starting from the playable characters and lore to UI/UX designs, our designers have found inspiration in that which we love, but constantly create within our own unique style.

What is the main part in making Elsword? Are they satisfied with the core gameplay and content? Will they look ahead to future updates? These questions are introduced to the staff and reflect the very nature of our development process.As we like to consider Elsword an online, MMORPG, we think that it's very important to do our best to drive our players to play together.

Have you had any difficulties in creating Elsword? Since the sport has been serviced globally for almost 10 decades, we're constantly met with one definite challenge: The a variety of participant tastes, tastes and backgrounds: By the players who were with us from the start to the gamers that have just joined us, maintaining both the vets and the beginners happy whilst acknowledging the inherent topography of the online MMO game industry. At the same time, we do our very best to admit and design content to appeal to the huge and various player interests from each one of the different countries that play Elsword.

The intricacies of the topic alone present an entire conversation in and of itself. It's always a struggle for us to attract each one of these players together and design a game which they can all enjoy, play together and most importantly, have fun.

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