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What games are you looking forward to in 2019?



Video to help you see what's coming out.

For me it would be:

Anthem - it looks a lot like Warframe which I enjoyed a lot, the fact that you have a mech suit, fly around, RPG elements, all fits for my kind of game.

Devil May Cry V - because I like DMC.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - I'm playing a lot of Lego Marvel games with my wife, and I'm hoping that this will be the next step up. I miss playing couch co-op games with my little bro when I was a kid, so it will be nice to have some fun with this.

Don't know enough about the new Pokemon and Animal Crossing games, but they'll be up there too.

Way too many in Q1 alone.

Metro Exodus
Days Gone
Division 2

and that's just next few months lol.

Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure and Full Quiet on NES
Uhh, Doom Eternal I guess

Is Death Stranding still a thing, that looked kind of cool.

Ace Combat looks pretty cool. Other than that (and the remaining episodes of Life Is Strange 2) nothing else really interests me tbh.

The new Fire Emblem and Pokémon.
FFVII Remake (or part of it) if it gets released in 2019, but that's unlikely.


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